Banking & Financial Services

OWC understands the current financial crisis has had an irreversible impact on the Banking & Financial Services industry. We appreciate the importance of providing extraordinary customer care to ensure customer retention as well as the extra effort required to sell new products in a highly competitive business environment.

OWC has made significant investments in creating a world class data & information security environment for our customers. Our frontline agents are carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of your program. We perform multi-level back ground checks to the extent that every employee is hand picked to meet the requirements of our customers. We protect customer information through multiple firewalls, intrusion detection systems, continuously updated anti-virus software, and router-to-router encryption over a private network. Our effective BCP program coupled with redundant IT infrastructure ensures that your program and data is safe.

OneWorld Connections has a proven track record in providing the following services for the Banking and Financial Services industry:

  • Application processing & set up
  • Activation and maintenance
  • Statement generation & follow-up
  • Funds transfer
  • Online enrollment / prepaid services
  • Cross and upsell
  • Balance verification
  • End to end credit card support
  • Fraud identification
  • Online banking
  • Telephone banking
  • Back-office
  • Claims status and reporting
  • Product sales support
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