Globally, the telecom industry is now characterized by a heightened focus on customer retention. Industry analysts predict that telecom companies are making commercial decisions around customer experience as the market consolidates and a larger number of competitors compete for a shrinking target market.

Traditional operational measurements are becoming obsolete e.g. penetration – as the number of devices and subscriptions increase per customer, penetration will be difficult to determine. ARPU which has been a traditional measure of success is becoming difficult to track due to the proliferation of multiple devices and services per user, with differing cost profiles. Churn which is a reflection of customer loyalty has been a challenge to measure due to a proliferation of “disposable”, “situational”, and “substitution” devices. Telecom companies are now focusing on ‘new’ customer metrics including share of wallet.

OWC’s management team has proven experience in the delivery of customer acquisition and customer retention processes to telecom customers globally including:

Customer Acquisition
  • Telesales
  • Marketing calls
  • Dealer desk
  • Data Collection and Analytics

Customer Activation
  • First time activation
  • Provisioning
  • Data Entry
  • Document checks
  • Kit dispatch
  • Tracking

Customer Service
  • Welcome calls
  • Technical Installation support
  • Billing and accounting
  • Directory Assistance

Customer Retention
  • Up sell
  • Cross Sell
  • Product Awareness programs

OWC specializes in both voice and non voice offerings to the telecom industry. Our voice related experience includes:

Non Voice

Customer Care
  • Billing enquiries
  • Online handset orders
  • Equipment order fulfillment
  • Primary and secondary subscriptions
  • Plan swaps – individual to line share, 2G to 3G
  • Marketing strategies – sales and promotions queries
  • Offline handset activation
  • Commercial accounts – queries and issue resolution
  • Email support of retail and commercial accounts
Back Office
  • Order fulfillment
  • Warranty exchange
  • Account modification
  • Record management
  • Correspondence management
  • Exemption reports
  • Verification reports –
    fraud / non fraud
  • Customer data verification


Customer Assistance Services
  • Billing & finance
  • Payments
  • Equipment orders
  • Service changes e.g. plan swaps, network features, MIN swaps, CSA Swaps
  • Equipment troubleshooting
  • Activating end customer mobile phones
  • Billing and financial adjustments
  • Minute adjustments
  • Programming
  • Customer information capture
  • Payment plans
  • Updating payment records

Product Support
  • Product related queries
  • Network features
  • Purchase plan information
  • Up selling of monthly recurring charge plans (MRC)
  • Cross selling of long distance plans (LD)
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